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Albino - Platypus

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Shoutouts to My Friends
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My friends dont go on my website, but just incase...
and until i attack u with my camera, the world cant see how pretty u r

lol u constanly insult me about my height, boyfriends, eyebrows (for some reason..), crushes, hair, feet, voice, ears.  U just constantly insult me lol, but yet i still luv ya. no idea why... prob cause u so rich :p
but seriously, u really cool, and i love your f*** you attitude to anyone who dares to insult u, like me....but youre a really soft sugarplum fairy inside who really cares about everyone and is willing to do anything to make them smile, such as waltz, which actually disturbed me deeply, but never mind

Probably like the only friend i cared about enough to keep in touch with from Junior School. Its cause of you that i'm so immature and find the word bellyflop hilarious still. Gotta love you're uniqueness, blondeness and energy.

Shes always there for ya, always willing to cheer u up. The only person who can spend over 5 minutes listening to me complain or repeat python quotes all day before attempting to rugby tackle me. luv her to bits