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Albino - Platypus

You remind me of...

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You remind me of...
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I always get told at least once a day "you know what, you remind me of..." so yeah, here are some of the more common and the weirdest ones...

The Ex leper
One of Micheal Palins many characters in the life of Brian if u some how didnt know that...
Apparently its cause i do the little skitty dance and have the same crazed eyes *thanks....* but i like to think its cause we are both with six packs :p

Yeah Dory from Finding Nemo. Get told too often that im like her cause of my bad memory, which for some reason means i forget stuff straight away but then remember it about 5 mins later. might come in useful, one day...


I wouldn't mind if this comparision was due to the fact that i like the dude who plays the prime-minister, but alas lol, apparently its due to my lack of subtleness when i like a guy and my hair...*pouts* harshness!